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General Introduction to the Tickets and in what you can use it

General Introduction to the Tickets and in what you can use it

Tickets system is what most large companies depend on to serve their customers, and to make the contact between the customers and the company work team easy, simple, and without any cost or any difficulties.

So we provided this system in Dimofinf to help you, our valued customer and visitor, to contact us

The tickets system can help you in the following:

  • To reply your inquiries about the services and products
  • Provide you with full and complete answers about your account, your invoices, and the services provided to you
  • provide technical support services, maintenance, and guarantee for Dimofinf program
  • Solve any problems regarding your hosting whether you are Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server, or Shared Dedicated Server customer


The Tickets are divided to:

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