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Linking the Site Email with Iphone

1- Go to phone Setting
2- Then choose Mail, Contacts, Calendars

3- Also choose Add Account

4- Then choose Other from the list

5- Now choose Add Mail Account

6- Name: Write sender display name
7- Address : Write your email address Exp([email protected])
8- Password: The email password
9- Description : Your email descrip

10- Host Name : Has the form(
11- User Name : Has the form [email protected]
12- Password :   The email password
13- Fill out same setting for Incoming Mail Server و Outgoing Mail Server


14- After finish configuration wizard click Advanced
15- Make sure that Use SSL field is ON
16- Make sure that Authentication field is Password


Notes: If you need to use encrypted connection Please use the server hostname same as as mail server in the setting

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