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Linking the Site Email with Outlook

Tutorial is based on Outlook 2007


1- Go to Tools then Account Settings.

2- Press New thenCheck Manually Configure Server Settings.

3- Choose first option Internet E-mail then press Next

4- A new page will appear for adding a new account, please fill in required data.

  • Name: The name you want to appear in outgoing messages.

  • E-mail Address: Your domain email address (ex. [email protected])

  • Account Type: Choose POP3

  • Incoming mail server: Has the form (

  • Outgoing mail server: Has the form (

  • User Name: Has the form ([email protected])

  • Password: The email password

  • Check Require login using Secure Password Authentication

  • Press More Settings and choose Outgoing Server


  • Check My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication

  • Choose Use same setting as my incoming mail server

  • From the upper tabbed menu go to Advanced tab

    Under Incoming Server check This server requires an encrypted connection

        Type 465 in Outgoing Server and choose SSL from the menu besides Use the following type of encrypted connection then press OK


Now test that the account was linked successfully, press Test Account Settings when it appears, when Congratulations! All tests completed successfully then the linking completed successfully

    Press Next then Finish

Notes: If you need to use encrypted connection Please use the server hostname same as as mail server in the setting

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