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Calling an External Content

Calling an External Content

To call a file and display it in the site follow these steps:

  1. To add a new block in the style you are already using, kindly follow the tutorial

  1. Use the following code to call the file you want to display in the page

{* php buffer start *} <-- INCLUDESCRIPT BLOCK relative_path_to/file.php --> 
{* php buffer end *}

Replace relative_path_to with the file path

Replace file.php with the file name

  1. Then add the code after modification in the additional page (to have the form)

{* php buffer start *} <!-- INCLUDE BLOCK header -->
INCLUDESCRIPT BLOCK relative_path_to/file.php -->
BLOCK footer --> 
{* php buffer end *}

An example for a called code

{* php buffer start *} <?php
echo "hello world";
for (
$i = 1; $i <= 10; $i++){
if (
echo "This is number 5 
{* php buffer end *}

  1. The new page link will have the form


Replace DOMAIN.TLD with your site domain

Replace myname with the new block name you added in the first step

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