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Calling a Programming Block

You can call a file and display it inside a block in the magazine by following these steps:

  1. Create a file for the block with php extension, the contents of the file should have the form:
  • This example uses only one value called “YOUR  DATA HERE” this to show that it must be in the variable “content

{* php buffer start *} <?php
{* php buffer end *}

All the contents you want to show must be in the variable “content”

  • Another example

{* php buffer start *} <?php
$content .=$i."";
if (
$content .="This is number 5";
{* php buffer end *}

  1. Upload the php file to “blocks” directory, make sure to change its name to block-xxxx.php, replace xxxx with the file name you wish
  2. After that add a block to the control panel from the path:

Styles & Blocks > Blocks > Add

  • Type a name for the block to be used in the control panel.
  • Title: Appear in the block head when displayed in the site interface, leave it empty to hide the block head.
  • Block Place: Choose where to display the block (Left of the home page, Right of the home page, Center of the home page).
  • Order: Choose the order of displaying the block in the site.
  • Content: leave it empty
  • Block File: Choose the file that you previously uploaded for example: block-xxxx.php

Then press “Submit

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