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Backup and Restore Mechanism

Backup and Restore Mechanism

Dimofinf Backup Mechanism

DimofinfBS offers excellent control over backup tasks automation to suits all different needs, all this is done through an easy to understand and manage web GUI

Many features are available for backup and restore tasks automation, let us list it briefly

Backup times:

You can automate backup tasks at variable times

  • Instantly (minimum allowed every one minute – maximum allowed every 60 minutes)

  • Hourly (you can choose which minute of the hour)

  • Daily (you can choose which hour of the day and which minute)

  • Weekly (you can choose which day of the week, which hour and which minute)

  • Monthly (you can choose which day of the month, which hour and which minute)

Recovery points:

This feature allows you to store older backups for longer period together with the new backup.

As an example you can automate the backup to run weekly, during the month you have 4 weeks, in the first week you will have the first week backup only, the second week you will have the backup of first and second weeks, the third week you will have the backup of the first, second and third weeks and so on…


Files partitioning:

This feature continuously divides the backed up files into blocks, this is to guarantee the consistency of files and avoid its corruption due to accumulation and long storage duration.


Recovery points checking:

This feature verify the consistency of recovery points with every backup


Determine the partitions you want to backup:

This feature allows you to choose which partitions to backup, this needs only adding check mark besides the required partition, this feature will show you all the partitions of your server.


DimofinfBS Restore Mechanism:

Data restore in DimofinfBS is a very simple and does not need any experience, it is done from the backup service control panel.

There are three types of restore, which are:

  • Regular restore (using the main ID of the customer and is done from the control panel, it allows restoring files and directories)

  • Restore by control panel ID (here we mean cPanel, Plesk … etc. control panels, login to the backup service control panel is done by login to the hosting control panel and this will show only the customer’s own backups and data can be restored only to the customer account)

 Note that this method does not allow databases restore.

  • Comprehensive restore (here we mean Bare-Metal Restore (BMR), for more details about this method check its available knowledgebase article.)

Bare-Metal Restore (BMR)


  • Data is restored with the same permissions and owner

  • Data is restored to its original location or alternate location

  • Data cannot be restored from different restore points at the same time

  • Databases are restored only using the main ID since control panels IDs (cPanel and others) cannot restore databases.

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