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Creating a Firewall

Creating a Firewall

                To create a firewall to protect the control panel directory

Go to the site control panel (cPanel)

Press “Password Protect Directories” icon

Then press the directory image besides


After that the site’s directories will be displayed, we choose the directory we want to protect which is in this case “dimcp” press the word “dimcp” and not the directory image.

A window will appear with many options.

From “Create User” option

Type the firewall data you want to approve.

Type the user name in “Username” field.

Type the password in “New Password” filed.

Press “Add/modify authorized user

You will be redirected to a notification page showing that a user is added with username … and password … which is the password you previously entered.

Go back by pressing the button at the bottom of the window.

Check the option to protect the control panel directory from the field.

Password protect this directory

Type the text you want to appear in the firewall window when requesting the control panel link in the following field

Name the protected directory

Let it be “Administration Area”

Now go to Dimofinf CMS control panel you will see a popup window contains the following text

“Administration Area”

And you are asked to type the firewall data you previously set.

Type the correct data.

You will access Dimofinf CMS control panel directly.

For more information you can watch the video tutorial from the following link:








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