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DimofinfBS contains add-ons service (these add-ons add additional features to the service). It can be enabled or disabled at any time when requested by the customer.

Notice that some add-ons are free and optional, others need license purchase.

Adding control panel support:

 Here we mean the hosting control panels which are installed in customers’ servers such as (cPanel, Plesk …etc.) by enabling this feature from DimofinfBS control panel customers (the customers and sites hosted on the server) is able to access their backups only, and unable to access the files of other users and customers.

Notice that in this case login to DimofinfBS control panel is done using the same login data of the user’s hosting control panel.

Currently supported control panels:

  • Plesk

  • cPanel

  • DirectAdmin

  • Ensim


This add-on is free of charge with all plans, it is optional, and it can be enabled or disabled.

Adding Archive:

This feature allows you to make backup of certain files or directories (with all the files in it) in the form of single archive file with TAR or ZIP extension, and then sending this file to some location in the server (the server being backed up) or to any external location using FTP or SFTP.

This add-on is offered free of charge to all our customers, it is optional, and it can be enabled or disabled at any time.

MySQL Database Server Support Add-on:

MySQL database server add-on is featured by backing up the database (fully or partially) in the form of databases with its tables and not in the form of regular files with SQL extension, MySQL server add-on allows you the complete freedom to restore either the database or some tables of it, also MySQL add-on guarantee the consistency of the databases in contrary to when the backup is done in the form of regular files.

This add-on is optional, notice that this add-on is not free and a special license should be purchased (single license for every supported server)

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