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Create and Link an Email to Zoho

Zoho is one of the biggest email service providers like, google apps and several more but it is distinguished by allowing you to have 10 free accounts with many email supplementary features and its support for mobile phone applications and desktop programs.

1. Click 'Sign up' to register a new account

2. Follow instructions until you receive an email and click the activation link

3. Follow the activation steps by downloading the 'verifyzoho.html' file then open the FTP program or the files manager on the cPanel to create a folder under the name 'zohoverify' then upload the file you just downloaded to it then click 'Verify'

  1. By doing so, the website will have been verified on Zoho and you can start adding email accounts

  1. To direct emails to Zoho servers, go to cPanel and edit the 'mx' entry as shown in the image below

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