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Adding users

Adding a new user:

1. Sign in to the Administration Control Panel.
2. From the side menu, choose 'Users management', then click (Add). 

- Profile:

 Name: the name that will appear in the profile and all over the program.
• Username: the log in name; it will be used for signing in.
• Password: the user's password that is used to log in.
• Email: the user's email which will be used for correspondence.
 Membership name/type: the user's title; appears under the username.
 Gender: user's gender; male or female.
• Membership group: the user's membership group which will determine the permissions and allowances offered to him/her.
• Trusted: this feature allows you to authenticate a membership as a certain entity such as official memberships available on major websites which proves that a certain membership actually belongs to a certain figure.

- Identity options:

 Public username: used for the user profile URL which will appear on the address bar in the browser, if you write DIMOFINF in this field for example, the URL will appear as follows:
• Default style: the default style that will appear to the user.
• Time zone: the time zone of your country or its longitude; if your country isn't available on the list.
• Daylight saving: if your country uses daylight saving, please activate this option so that the correct time would appear in articles, news … etc.  
• Country: the user's country which will appear in his/her profile.
• City: the user's city.
• Cell/Mobile phone: the user's cell/mobile phone number.
• Date type: the date type that will appear to the user; whether Gregorian or Hijri.
Hijri months names: if you have chosen 'Hijri' months in the previous option, you'll need to set this option to 'Yes' to display Hijri months names. 
• Beginning of the week: first day of teh week. 
• Favorite page: the user's favorite page URL.
• Profile summary: a profile summary in the beginning of the profile; shouldn't exceed 140 characters.
• About me: this is where the user can write about him/herself.
• Facebook account: the user's Facebook account.
• Twitter account: the user's Twitter account.
• Yahoo account: the user's Yahoo account.
• Skype account: the user's Skype account.

- Image options:

 Profile picture: this option allows you to choose a picture from the website default pictures.
 Picture: this option will be activated after you choose a picture or upload one to the website.
• Upload a picture: this is where you can upload the desired picture of your choice without having to chose one of the fixed pictures. 

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