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Adding a colony

How can you add a new colony?


1. Sign in to the Administration Control Panel.

2. From the 'Colonies management' menu, click (Add).

3. The following (Add colony) form will appear as in the next picture:

Picture explanation in order:

• Title: the colony title (it is recommended that no symbols or diacritics would be used in the title, the title shouldn’t be long and it should be suitable for the nature of the content to be added; these recommendations aim at better help with search engines).

• Section: the content section title that follows this colony.

• Type: choose the colony type.

• Number of sections per row: if the type used is a block, then you should specify how many sections you would like to display per row according to your preference.

• Display: allows you to choose set a certain display for the colony you created.

• CSS classification title: gives the main colony block a special style. 

• CSS classification content: the colony content style within the block.

• CSS classification table field: gives the colony table cells a special style.

• Display the first section: in case of a section. If you don't wish to display the section at that time, select (No) and it won't appear on the homepage.

• Status: the colony status; whether it is published or pending approval. 

• Display order: the colony display order relative to other colonies in the same area.  

• Publishing date: a certain publishing date for the colony.

• Publishing date activation: if you choose (Yes), a new option will appear which is the (Publishing date deactivation) which automatically deactivates the colony on that date.

• Add a new line after the colony: adds (br) or a new line after the end of the colony. 

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