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Adding sections

How can you add a new section?

1. Sign in to the Administration Control Panel.

2. From the side menu, click on  ‘Content management’ then click on (Add section).

3. The 'New Section' form will appear as in the following picture:

Picture explanation in order:

• Parent section: the parent section you would like to add the new section to. If you want to create a parent section, choose 'None'.

• Title: the section title (it is recommended that no symbols or diacritics would be used in the title, the title shouldn’t be long and it should be suitable for the nature of the content to be added; these recommendations aim at better help with search engines).

• Display section name: this option allows you to display or hide the section name on the content. 

• URL: this option is used if you want the users to be redirected to a certain page when they click on the section name.

• Image: an image that is displayed on various parts of the program; it belongs to the section. It helps the visitor and it is considered as an aesthetic form for the website.

• Is this a menu image?: if this section is a menu and you have uploaded an image for it then choose (Yes) so that the image would be adjusted for the menu correctly. 

• CSS classification table field: allows you to use a certain class or classification for the section so that a certain style would be applied to it.

• Number of contents per row: if the colony this content is used for is a block, then you should specify how many contents you would like to display per row according to your preference.

• Display order: allows you to choose the display order for the section on the control panel and in the case of manual ordering. 

• Active: in case of a section, if you don't want to display the section at that time, you can choose 'No' and the section won't be displayed on the homepage.

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