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Dimofinf Files Monitor

What is Dimofinf Files Monitor?

It is a files monitoring program provided to you by Dimofinf. It allows our clients to monitor all the files and folders of their hosting accounts.

Specifications and characteristics:

1. Control the program from an easy-to-use graphical interface through the cPanel control console.

2. You can either monitor certain files and / or folders by adding their paths or you can monitor your entire account.

3. The ability of excluding specific files and / or folders paths from the monitoring process.

4. Paths monitoring support on Recursive mode.

5. Email correspondence in case of any modifications done on files.

What is the notification system?

The program send the client an email; this email is inserted to the program, when any of the following modifications is done:

- Folder / file addition.

- Folder / file deletion.

- Files / folders modifications.

- Files / folders renaming.

- Files / folders permissions change.

What is supported hosting?

The monitoring system is available for all unlimited shared hosting clients at Dimofinf through the cPanel console.

This service is optionally offered to dedicated and cloud servers clients; provided that they are subscribed to advanced management services and are using the cPanel console.

How can I activate this system?

1. Log in to the cPanel console.

2. From the 'Security' block, choose 'Dimofinf Files Monitor'.

3. Provide the required data to the form as follows:

- Email: the email you would like to receive the notification on.

- Directory path: the directories you would like to monitor, for example: 


Please note: if you would like to monitor the entire account, just write '/'. And please always make sure to enter valid paths. If the paths were not existed the program will refuse the entererd data.

- Exclude paths: the paths you would like to exclude from monitoring, for example: 


Click the 'Start' button to start monitoring and the 'Stop' button to stop monitoring.
Please note: if the status isn't changed, please refresh the page and don't click the 'Start' button more than once.

How can I deactivate the system?

1. Log in to the cPanel console.

2. From the 'Security' block, choose 'Dimofinf files Monitor'.

Click on the 'Stop' button.

 Please note: if the status isn't changed, please refresh the page and don't click the 'Stop' button more than once.

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