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Countries IPs Update

Countries IPs Update

                Countries IPs database is used to show the flag of the visitor or the member country in the following: comments, visitors’ messages and online users.

We periodically release updated versions of this database, a notification will be displayed in Dimofinf CMS control panel in your site, and 4 fields will be shown in the following order:

  1. The release number of your site currently IPs database.
  2. The latest available release number of the database, when pressed it will send you to the notification post in Dimofinf forum.
  3. The latest release number of Dimofinf CMS, when pressed you will be sent to your membership page in our site where you can login, then open Dimofinf CMS owned license product from your products menu, from the available files to download you will find the latest release, download it to your machine.
  4. Import”, when pressed you will be sent to the auto import page which will update your database, but first you should follow the following explanation:

Update Steps:

     Login to Client Area in our site > My Services > press on Dimofinf CMS : License Owned

  1. Download the latest version of countries IPs database for your site’s Dimofinf CMS.
  2. Unzip the file to your machine, you will get 4 files.
  3. Go to the directory “contents/temp” in your site using your ftp client.
  4. Upload the 4 files you unzipped, in binary format
  5. Press “Import” from the shown Dimofinf CMS control panel and complete the automatic steps until importing finishes.


In case you got a Database error while importing you should follow the following steps:

  1. Download a new copy of Dimofinf CMS v3 from the following path:

Dimofinf website > Client Area > My Services > License Owned > View Details

  1. Unzip the file to your machine
  2. Go to “dimcp” directory in your site using your ftp client.
  3. In “dimcp” directory look for the file named “i2c.php” and delete it.
  4. Replace the file you deleted in step 4 with the file from the new copy, you will find it in “dimcp” directory.

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