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Dimofinf Sites Directory


To add or update your site in Dimofinf sites directory, please login to your Control Panel in our site and follow these steps:

After you login to our site with your email and password, in the left menu you will see

New Links under Client Area, follow the path:

Dimofinf Home > Client Area > My Services

Press the View Details icon besides Dimofinf CMS : Owned License

A new page will be displayed, which includes the product data, in the middle of the page you will see main title Product Controls includes 3 fields related to Dimofinf sites directory which are:


The site specialty

Include In Links:

Display my site in Dimofinf sites directory

Site Title:

The site name for example: Dimensions of Information

In case you want to display your site in the directory of sites powered by Dimofinf (Dimofinf Sites Directory) please:

1-      Choose your site specialty from the drop down menu that contains the directory sections

2-      Choose Yes to display it in the directory

3-      Type your site title for example: Dimensions of Information

Then press Update Details

To view your site listing in the directory press here to visit Dimofinf sites directory


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