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Transfer the license from one domain to another

Important Note: The old domain should be working to be able to apply the procedure, since the 7th step is done on the old domain. 

1- From the “Client Area” press “My Services


2- Your products will be displayed, and one of them is Dimofinf CMS, press the “View Details” icon besides “Dimofinf CMS:License - Owned” for the domain you want to transfer its license


3- Follow the instructions on the image, type the new domain name instead of “”, then press “Submit


4- Then press “Submit” as shown in the next image


5- You will get a notification message that the license key was updated successfully, copy the new license key


6- Now login to the management control panel using the link of the new domain

7- Go to Modules Settings > Dimofinf Settings


8- Title and Url


9- Edit the settings as shown in the image using the new data, then press “Edit Settings


10- Login to the control panel (cPanel)

11- From “Files” block Choose “File Manager


12- Open “include” directory


13- Right click on “config.php” and choose “Edit


14- Replace the old license key with the new one you copied in step 5


15- Then press “Save Changes

With this we finished transferring the license to the new domain


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