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Email functions

  • PHP :
    {* php buffer start *} DIM_mail($remail$rname$message$subject$semail ="", $sname ="", $priority = 3, 
    $mass = 0, $ajax = 0, $diserror = 0, $debug = 0, $attachments ='', $returnerror = 0) 
    {* php buffer end *}

This function is used to send email messages. Please note that the sending mechanism SMTP or PHPMailer are done according to the Dimofinf email settings.


$remail (mandatory): the recipient's email.
      -  $rname (mandatory): the recipient's name.
      -  $message (mandatory): the message text
$subject (mandatory): the message title/subject.
$semail (optional): the sender's email. (Leave it empty and the default will be used from the Dimofinf settings).
      -  $sname (optional): the sender's name. (Leave it empty and the default will be used from the Dimofinf settings).
      -  $priority (optional): the message importance and it ranges from 1; maximum importance to 5; minimum importance.
      -  $mass (optional): the value 'boolean true/false' is set to 'true' if the parameter $email includes more
             than one email separated by commas.
      -  $ajax (optional): the value 'boolean true/false', when the parameter $diserror is activated, is used to return
             individual error messages if they are shown by ajax instead of returning errors as a whole page.
      -  $diserror (optional): the value 'boolean true/false' is used to activate displaying errors.
      -  $debug (optional): the value 'boolean true/false' is used to activate following errors.
      -  $attachments (optional): this parameter is used when there are attachments to the message. 
      -  $returnerror (optional): the value 'boolean true/false' is used to return errors by 'return' instead of printing.



{* php buffer start *} $dimofinf->emailvars['sname'] = $row["sname"];
$dimofinf->emailvars['rname'] = $row["rname"];
DIM_mail($row['semail'],$row["sname"],$message, $subject,"","", 3,"", 1); 
{* php buffer end *}

Where the variables values are added within the sent message through

{* php buffer start *} $dimofinf->emailvars[&#039;varname'] = value[php]</p><p><strong>Example :</strong></p><p>[php]$dimofinf->emailvars['sname'] = $row["sname"]; 
{* php buffer end *}

Example for the message text " greet_recieved "

 <phrasename="greet_recieved"&gt;<![CDATA[Hello $emailvars[sname],Based on your request of informing you by mail, the content you sent has been received and the content URL has been visited by $emailvars[rname].To view this content, please visit the following URL: [URL]$emailvars[greeturl][/URL]Best regards,$dimoptions[dimtitle]]]>

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