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Adding content

To add content to the 'Mobiles' module

1. Sign in the Administration Control Panel.
2. From the modules menu, choose 'Mobiles' then 'Display sections'.
3. Click on the 'Add' icon in front of the desired section as shown in the following picture:

The following picture will appear after you click 'add':

Explaining the template in order:

• User: You can add the membership number you wish to add the content to and the name will appear as soon as you add the number. 'The registered and signed in membership/ID number will appear automatically.'

• Section: It is the section where the content will appear; the one we chose during the sections display.

• Title: The name by which the content will appear (it is advised not to add symbols or diacritics in the title, not to use a long title and to make sure the title is suitable for the content it'll be added to. This is done to help you when it comes to search engines).

• Description: It is a helping description for the content which helps visitors and members learn about the section content and this description is shown when contents are displayed. 

• Suggested tags: These tags are suggested according to the title you entered (it isn't necessary to choose all suggested tags as the selection process will be done automatically depending on the search engines and so, it is strongly advised to choose tags from the suggestions carefully).

• Tags: It is a way to help you with regard to search engines.

 Content file: It is the file that you want to upload and display and it is uploaded to your website.

• Content file URL: If you have a direct or indirect download URL for your file, you can use this option instead of uploading your file as in the previous step.

• An alternative option if it is an SMS: If the content is an SMS, you can use the alternative option for the SMS.

• Content picture: If you are using a flash or multimedia file and you want to display a picture for the content, you can upload the picture through this option.

• Content time: If the file is a multimedia file, you can add the duration of the content and it will be displayed on the content.

 Allow comments: Through this option you can allow or disallow visitors and members to comment on the content.

 Allow Pingbacks.

 Status: This is where you can choose whether the content will be pending for approval or published; so, in order to display the content, choose 'published'.

• Publishing date: This is where you can control the content publishing date which will also be displayed in the interface.

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