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Field types

Any correspondence form consists of a group of fields that differ from one form to another and this is why we'll explain the fields included in the mailing center so that you would have better understanding of the fields that could be of use to you.

  • Text:

Text: is used in small texts like the name, address and ID.

  • Textarea:

Textarea: is used for content and it can include your editor to format text.

  • Checkbox:

If you would like to display multiple options, you can use this field. 

  • Radio:

If you want to display one option, you can use this field.

  • Select:

IF you would like to display a list of options with one selection, you can use this field. You can also make multiple selections through the menu.  

  • Multi select:

This is one of the options of the 'Select' field which only allows the possibility of making several selections.

  • File:

If you want to allow including a file from the user's computer, you can use this option.

  • Date:

If you want to include a later or past date, you can use this option. 

  • Datetime:

The same as the previous option but with time details.

  • Time:

If you want to include the time in hours and minutes, you can use this option.

  • Multifields:

This option allows you to use several fields at the same time and this includes: Text, Select, Checkbox and Radio.

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