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Mailing center

The Mailing Center is one of the latest updates to the new version of Dimofinf CMS. Now, you can create your own mailing form with the fields you desire as well as being in the order and format of your choice. What's more is that you can do all that in a few easy steps.

In the beginning, we need to clarify three terms we'll use through our explanation:

  • Correspondence form: the new mailing center allows you to create more than one correspondence form through the control panel. For example, you can create forms for (Contact us, Sending news, Recruitment request, Complaints … etc.).
  • Fields: they are the parts included in the form such as Text, Textarea, Date, Multi-select … etc.
  • Field groups: a name that appears in the form and it includes the fields. If you will want to create a large form like that of a Recruitment Application Form and similar forms, where you would need to add groups of fields like (Personal information, Education, Employment history … etc.), and it is used for organizing the appearance of the form.

Creating a new correspondence form:

To start creating a correspondence form, you'll need to:

1. Sign in to the Administration Control Panel.
2. From the side menu, choose 'Mailing center' then 'Correspondence Forms' followed by 'Add'.

The following options and settings will appear as shown in the picture:


• Title: the form name on the correspondence page (it is recommended that you avoid using any symbols or diacritical marks in the title, long titles and to make sure that the title is suitable).

• Description: provides more details for the user and/or visitor about the form and is displayed when viewing 'Contact us'.

• Can view contents: you can add usergroups you would like to view the of the form to. It doesn't appear except to the usergroups which have mailing center permissions.

 Can delete contents: you can add usergroups you would like to allow to delete the correspondences of the form. It doesn't appear except to the usergroups which have mailing center permissions.

• Fields groups: if you have previously created field groups, they will appear for you here to choose from and add to the form.

 Allow attachments: if you activate this option, a file attachment field will be added to the end of the form.

Human Verification: this is one of the ways to prevent spam from flooding the website.  

 New contant notifications: when activating this option, you will be notified via the email you provide when this form is used to send a message.

New contant notifications email: if you have activated the previous option, notification emails will be sent to this email. 

• Active: if you don't want to display the form, you can do that through this option.

• Display order: you can arrange the forms display using this option.

If you display the Mailing Center on the homepage, you'll find that the form has been added, but there won't be any fields on it. Before explaining adding fields, we'll need to know more about fields groups. 

Creating a Field Group:

1. Sign in to the Administration Control Panel.
2. From the side menu, choose 'Mailing center' then 'Fields groups' followed by 'Add'.

The fields groups add form will appear as shown in the following picture:

Add the title that will appear for the fields group.

When you view the correspondence form, the following picture will appear:

As shown, this is the format of the fields group and it is merely an organization of the form that collects fields in groups.

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