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Repair / Optimize Tables

You can fix tables through the administrative tools but it is better to do that through the website control panel.

To access to table fixing options, please follow these steps:

1. Sign in to the Administration Control Panel.
2. From teh side menu, choose 'Administrative tools' then 'Fix and improve tables'. The following fixing options will appear to you:

• Fixing and correcting tables: check in front of the name of the table you want to correct and/or fix. You can also choose all tables. 

• Fixing unique indices: if the unique indices data for the database is lost for any reason (usually due to importing a copy from a corrupt or expired backup), you might encounter some strange issues, especially when dealing with templates and languages. This system will attempt to fix these issues and rebuild the search index.
Please make sure that the 'mysql-schems.php' file is found in the 'install' folder before moving ahead with this process.

• Fixing module contents counters: if for any reason, contents counters stop working in the database (this usually happens due to updating databases on the server). When this happens, the number of contents appearing in the 'Statistics' block would be incorrect, and this procedure will fix the problem.

• Fixing comments counters: if for any reason the comments counters stop working, this procedure will solve the problem.

• Fixing the content ID field in the modules: the automatic content counter in the database may stop working for any reason (usually due to updating databases on the server) where the number of contents would wrongly appear as '255' and you wouldn't be able to add any more contents. This procedure fixes that issue. 

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