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You can test the website to check if there are general settings which need to be activated or PHP options required to operate Dimofinf CMS version in the correct way.

To access the tests, follow the next steps:

1. Sign in to the Administration Control Panel.
2. From the side menu, choose 'Administrative tools' then click 'Tests'.

This setting options will appear as follows:

  • Upload: this test aims at figuring out whether there are any Dimofinf/PHP options that need any editing so that files would be uploaded successfully. To perform this test, attach a small file using the 'Add' box then click 'Send'. The file won't be saved as this is just a test.
  • Email: the point of this test is to know if there is need for any changes in Dimofinf options or PHP settings so that the program would be able to send emails through Dimofinf. Simply type your email address which is different from the website mail like Yahoo or Hotmail then click 'Send'.
  • System information: this is not really considered a test, but this feature can be really helpful when tracking server failures. Just choose the suitable data like (SQL variables, SQL status, Tables status … etc) then click 'Send'.
  • Files/Folders permissions: the purpose of this test is to determine whether there is any folder or file that needs to have corrected permissions. You just need to click 'Apply'.

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