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Managing languages

Dimofinf CMS enjoys an exquisite languages system which provides you with full control over adding, editing, searching and altering. 

First: Managing languages:  

1. Sign in to the Administration Control Panel.
2. Choose 'Administrative tools' from the side menu then 'Languages' followed by 'Language manager'.

The options of this setting will appear to you as follows:


• Edit/translate language phrases: this is where you can control language phrases and their translations.

• Edit settings: allows you to edit the language settings like choosing the default language, changing the text direction … etc.

• Delete: this option allows you to delete a language.

Second: Downloading and importing languages:   

- To download the language file follow the next steps:

1. Sign in to Administration Control Panel.
2. Choose 'Administrative tools' from the side menu then 'Languages' then click 'Download/Upload'.

The following options will appear:

   • Languages: choose the language you want to download to your computer.

   • Product: choose the product whose language you want to download.

   • File name: type the name you would like to give to the downloaded file.

   • Include custom phrases: the moderator sometimes adds certain expressions or phrases to some languages, if you would like to download them as well, choose 'Yes'.

   • Only import phrases: if you want to import the phrases only without the language settings, choose 'Yes'.

- To upload/import a language file to your website, follow the next steps:

  1. Sign in to Administration Control Panel.
  2. From side menu, choose ‘Administrative tools’, then ‘Languages’ and ‘Downloads/Uploads’. 
The following setting options will appear:

   • You can either upload an XML file from your computer: choose the file from your computer.

   • Or you can import the XML file from the server: you can also choose to get the file through your server by uploading it using FTP and providing the full path as shown.

   • Ignore language characteristics: this will ignore the options of the imported language file. Leave this field empty to create a new language.

   • Imported language title: leave it empty if you want to use the assigned language file title/name.

   • Ignore Dimofinf Language File: use the language file even if it was different from the current Dimofinf version. 


Third: Searching languages: 

To perform searches, follow the coming steps:

1. Sign in to Administration Control Panel.
2. From side menu, choose ‘Administrative tools’, then ‘Languages’ then click 'Find in phrases'.

If you want to find a phrase, use this form:

   • Search text: type the text you are looking for.

   • Search in language: choose the language you want to search in.

   • Product: choose the product whose phrases you want to include.

   • Search translated phrases only: if a certain language is selected and you choose 'Yes', the search will be done for the translated phrases only and text that isn't 'translated phrases' will be discarded.

   • Phrase Section: choose the section you want to perform the search within. If you don't know what section to search in, leave this field empty.

   • Search in: you can choose whether you want to search by text significance or by phrase variables or both.

   • Case-sensitive.

   • Exact match.

- To search and replace text, use this form:

• By choosing the language and text you want to find and determining the text you want to replace it with. All language phrases will be searched and the text will be replaced automatically.

**It is strongly recommended that you DON'T use 'Find and replace" unless you completely understand what you are doing.

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