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Managing templates

To manage templates follow the following steps: 

1. Sign in to the Administration Control Panel.
2. From the side menu, choose 'Styles & Layout' then 'Styles' then click 'View'.
3. A list of available styles will appear. Choose the style whose templates you would like to edit and click the 'Design' icon as shown in the picture:


4. A dropdown menu with all the templates available in this style will appear. Choose the template you would like to manage and click 'Display' as shown in the picture:

5. Make the changes you want and then click 'Edit' at thw buttom of the page to save changes.

- At the bottom of each template there are two icons:

• Edit: saves the changes done to the template and applies them to it.
• Delete: to permanently delete the template.

- If the template has been previously edited, three more buttons will appear as shown in the next picture:

• View previous: this displays the template before the last edit in a new window so that you can compare changes.
• View default: shows the basic template before any changes were made to it in a new window so that you can copy and use it if you want. 
• Roll back: undoes the latest changes done and returns the template as it was before; please note, it doesn't just view the previous form, it retrieves and saves it.

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