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Upgrade Order

How to order an upgrade to the latest version?

  •  Login to your Control Panel in our site with your email and password
  •  A new menu with title Client Area will be displayed on the left side of the page
  •  From it choose My Services
  •  A list of your subscribed services will be displayed, one of it is

Dimofinf CMS : Owned License, press the View Details icon besides it

  • Please follow the path:

Dimofinf Home > Client Area > My Services > Product Details

  • At the bottom of the page you will find the Additional Services section
  • Press one of these 2 phrases:

- Press here to renew the below services invoices

- Explore other available additions

  • Choose the service Dimofinf Upgrade then press Order Now, don’t forget to choose which license you want to upgrade if you have more than one license, this can be done from the menu below the service.
  • Continue the steps until you see The Service Invoice
  • If the deposit method was bank transfer, after depositing the money in one of our bank accounts open a new ticket directed to our customer service department clarifying the deposit details precisely so we can activate your order.


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