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Adding a New Page

Dimofinf CMS provides the option to add infinite number of pages.

To add an additional page to the style you use please follow these steps:

  • From the path:

Styles & Blocks > Styles > List

  • Press the “Modify” icon under “Design” besides the style you want to edit.
  • You will get style templates page, at the bottom you will find “Create New Template”.
  • Type the name of the template in “English” for example: myname
  • The link of the new page will be


Replace DOMAIN.TLD with your domain name.

Note that the template name you typed is at the end of the new page link.

  • After pressing “Submit” at the bottom the new page, the template will be created and displayed in front of you.
  • Delete the line showing you where to type the page content, and replace it with the page content you want to add, you can format the content using Front Page software, copy and paste the content in the template instead of that line.


You should keep the first and last line as it is, since it is responsible for calling the style header and footer for the page to appear in Dimofinf CMS.

  • After that you can add a new link in the left menu for example (or in any other place) by editing the style template, so your visitor can reach the new page you just added

Adding description for a new page

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