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Email options

To view the 'Mailing and newsletter options settings':                

1. Sign in to the Administration Control Panel.
2. Choose 'Dimofinf settings' from the 'Settings' menu, then, choose 'Mailing and newsletter options'.

The following settings options will appear to you:

 Mail method: you can choose one of two methods for sending mail to be used by Dimofinf. Each method requires certain settings and server modifications.   

• Number of Characters Before Wrapping the Email Text: specify the number of characters per line before moving to a new line.

• Authentication required: this needs to be activated if you choose to use 'SMTP' mail.

• SMTP username: enter the SMTP username (if SMTP mail is activated).

• SMTP password: you should enter the SMTP password (if SMTP mail is activated).

• SMTP host: add the SMTP path (if SMTP mail is activated), for example, ''.

• SMTP port: this is where you add the SMTP gateway.

• SMTP secure connection: in case of enabling SMTP, you'll need to choose the type of secure connection.

Email Cycle per hour: this is where you choose the number of allowed messages per hour. 

• Eamil CSS code: this is where you specify the message formatting settings like font size, font type and background color.

• Eamil header Content: this is where you add the header content with HTML tags.

• Message footer Content: the HTML tags used in the header must be closed in order to avoid any issues.

Site mail: this is where you add the email used for sending messages. 

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