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Upgrade Dimofinf to last version

Preparation Steps
  • Test hosting server compatibility with Dimofinf CMS through Dimofinf compatibility test file on the following link, And follow the instructions which attached with it.
  • If your website is on our hosting, You don't need to do this test.
  • If compatibility test file did not work on your website or gave negative results, You should contact your webhosting provider and provide them with compatibility file test link to install the requirements to run the software on your website.

Configuration Steps
  • Close your website through control panel
  • Create new database from cPanel
  • Generate backup from initial database and the backup be on the created database ( To return to one you need it ).

To get your copy from Dimofinf CMS, Please login to your control panel in our website and follow the following steps
- Once you enter your username ( e-mail address ) and password in our website, In right menu "New links" will appear under "Client area" Through it follow the path below :

Homepage > Client area > Products and services

Click on "view information"  next to "Dimofinf CMS : Owned License" service
A new page will appear which contain product information, The important is :
- License key ( You will need to copy and paste it in config.hp file before upgrade start ).
- License Domain ( The domain which was licensed to install Dimofinf on ).
- Download Dimofinf copy file.

  • Download the copy on your PC
  • Extract file compression
  • Open "include" directory and you will find "" change this file name to config.php ( Remove .new extension from file name ).
  • Open "config.php" file with any text editor and add the following information in shown lines :

License Key ( You can get it through a click on "View Information" icon next to "Dimofinf CMS : Owned License" service on your control panel in our website from the path : Homepage > client area > Products and services ).
$setting['LicenseKey'] = '';

Database server server ( You always not need to change it, Because it differ in rare cases in webhosting companies. Example :Goaddy hosting )
$setting['MasterServername'] = 'localhost';

Database name ( Replace dimofinf word with your new created database name which you have created by your website control panel as your_dbname )
$setting['Databasename'] = 'dimofinf';

Database username ( Replace root word with your new created database username name which you have created by your website control panel as your_dbname )
$setting['MasterServerusername'] = 'root';

Database password ( Fill here database password which you have created by your webhosting control panel ).
$setting['MasterServerpassword'] = '';

Save modification
Upload extracted copy to your website in the directory you want to install Dimofinf inside.

Create new directory in your website, Let's say "old"
Put all files inside it including php files
Upload the new copy to the place you want to put the copy on Whether on the interface or sub-directory

Upgrade Steps
  • Go to upgrade.php file through webbrowser according to directory you uploaded the copy inside, Example :
Note : Replace DOMAIN.TLD with your website domain
  • A welcome message will appear to get start of upgrading Dimofinf CMS to last version.
  • Follow steps until it requires to remove install directory or change it's name in order to be able to go to final step
  • Once you log in control panel, Go directlry to view all Dimofinf Configuration and save configuration from the bottom of the page, And repeat this step to save all accessories program configuration.

Dimofinf upgrade on your website has been completed
Congratulations for successful installation and running the software

Moving contents
  • Last step is moving contents from previous Dimofinf to the new one through FTP program or cPanel
Note : Contents directory ( Images , Videos , Music , Cards .. etc ) have been collected in one directory is "contents" directory
Never move .htaccess to the new directories from previous versions directories.

A List of new directories names or equivalent in previous versions

Previous Versions Last Version
leqaa media
maqal press
omsyat events
publishes releases
bsaidabout bsayings
ssaidabout ssayings
progrec downloadsth
progrecf downloadsm


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