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Styles, Layout, language and modules

To view the 'Styles, Layout, language and modules settings':                        

1. Sign in to the Administration Control Panel.
2. Choose 'Dimofinf settings' from the 'Settings' menu, then, choose 'Styles, language and modules settings'.

The following settings options will appear to you:

 Dimofinf default language: The default language for displaying the website.

 Default style: The chosen and activated default style which will be displayed for visitors.

 Activated styles: Styles added to your website which you chose to activate, display and allow visitors to move through on your website.

 Active Override Style: allowing users to choose the style they would like to use for website display.

 Activate layout System: the default layout for users.

 Activate users' layout: allowing users to create the layout they would like to use for website display.

 Active Override Layout: allowing users to choose the layout they would like to use for website display. 


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