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Watermark options

To view the 'Watermark options settings':       

1. Sign in to the Administration Control Panel.
2. Choose 'Dimofinf settings' from the 'Settings' menu, then, choose 'Watermark options'.

The following settings options will appear to you:

 Watermark activation: a watermark will be added to pictures upon uploading and the text that appears as the watermark can be added through the watermark text option.

• Watermark type: this is where you can choose between two types of watermarks; text or picture.

       - Text watermark: the text added to the field will be the watermark.

       - Picture watermark: you will need to design a logo with the correct dimensions and add it to the following path:' images/watermark_logo.png'.

• Watermark font: the watermark font. You can add new fonts by uploading them to the following path: '/include/font' then adding the font name to the designated field.

• Watermark font size: the font size used to display the text watermark.

• Watermark text: this is where you add the watermark text.

• Watermark outlines color: the color of the watermark outlines.

• Watermark fill color: the watermark font color. 

• Watermark location: this is where you can choose the location of the text or picture watermark.

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