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Human verification

To view the 'Human verification options settings':

1. Sign in to the Administration Control Panel.
2. Choose 'Dimofinf settings' from the 'Settings' menu, then, choose 'Human verification'.

The following settings options will appear to you:

• Human verification activation: activating or deactivating human verification so that you would be sure that the user is an actual person and not spam.

• Verification method: you can choose between two verification methods; image or calculation verification.

• Verification image characters font size: type the font size.

• Verification image random font: this allows you to use a random font for the verification image.

• Verification image random font size: this allows you to choose a random font size for the verification image. 

• Verification image max random font size: max font size in case of the activation of the random font option.

• Verification image random character slant: this is where you can activate the option of making your verification image characters slant.

• Verification image random character color: random colors for the verification image characters.

• Verification image random shapes: random shapes with every image update/refresh.

• Blur verification image: for extra security against spam, this option makes it harder to see the characters.

• Verification image characters number: this should be more than or equal 2 characters but less than 6 characters so that the image would fit in the designated frame.

• Verification image content: this is where you can add the verification image content; letters, numbers or both. 

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