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Safety and security options

To view the 'Safety and security options settings':    

1. Sign in to the Administration Control Panel.
2. Choose 'Dimofinf settings' from the 'Settings' menu, then, choose 'Safety and security options settings'.

The following settings options will appear to you:

  • Censor activation: activating and deactivating this option allows you to control the display of certain words on the website.
  • Character replacing censored words: in this field, you can add the symbol you want to replace the censored words by.

  • Censored words: this is where you can type all the words you want to censor, to separate words, use spaces or add a word to each separate line. Don't use commas. If you type 'bad' all the words that contains the string 'bad' will be affected ('bad boy' will appear as '*** boy'). To use more advanced filtering you can censor only exact words, this can be done by using braces around the word, for example: Using '{bad}' means that 'bad boy' will appear as it is 'bad boy' while 'bad' alone will appear '***' and so your censored words list will be 'stinky {bad} clumsy'.

  • Blank ASCII character stripper: in case there are some ASCII characters that you want to filter from texts/posts ... etc., you can type these characters in the form of the character number in ASCII separated by spaces.

  • Authorized websites: for security reasons, Dimofinf CMS allows only posting from within the site Dimofinf CMS is installed on, if you want to allow other domains or subdomains to post to your site type these domains one per line and in the following form: ''; including the 'dot'.

  • Banning activation: activation or deactivation of banning of a certain email or IP address.

  • Banned IP addresses: this is where you add banned IPs and they should be separated by spaces; these IPs will be banned from using the entire website.

  • Banned emails: this is where you add banned emails. If you type the entire email, only this email address will be banned from using the website. If you would like to ban the entire email domain, you can type ''.

  • Strict Ban of Emails: if you activate this option, then the review of banned emails will be matched to any part of the email address and not only the last part, i.e. if you typed “gmail”, all email addresses containing will be banned. If you deactivate this option, then no emails will not be banned until you change it to “”.

  • Time gap between correspondences: this refers to the time gap between a correspondence and another one on the website. It must be determined in minutes, and in case a website visitor tries to make another correspondance on the website, a waiting message will appear to him. If you want to deactivate this, assign its value to zero.

  • Time gap between searches: this refers to the time gap between search operations. It must be determined in minutes. In case a search attempt is done before this time, the visitor will see a waiting message. If you want to deactivate this, assign its value to zero.

  • Ignored search words: this is where you add the words you'd like the system to ignoe when performing searches. 

  • IP Length of the Session: determining the length of the sub channel reflects the level of verification you would like to apply when verifying the session IP number, this is particularly important when members use proxy service providers and their IPs change for each browsing session. The lower the level of verification is, the higher the chance / danger of hijacking the session.

  • Usage of Limited Login Attempts System: selecting “No” will disable the system that limits login attempts for a certain IP to 5 times, after which the IP of that member is banned from retrying login for a certain period of time.


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