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Searching in Phrases

  • To search in language phrases follow the path:

Languages > Search in Phrases

You will see the following form:

  1. Search for Text: The phrase text you want to search for.
  2. Search in Language: To choose the language you want to search in, or leave the default which is searching in all languages.
  3. Product: Choose the module you want to search in.
  4. Search Translated Phrases Only: To search in translated phrases only, either in the language you chose or in all languages if that was your choice.
  5. Phrase Type: Choose the section the phrase belongs to.
  6. Search in: Choose the method of searching as you set in “Search for Text”, for example: If you typed the phrase text choose search in phrase text only
  7. Case Sensitive: If you want a case sensitive match choose “Yes
  8. Exact Match: If you want an exact match choose “Yes

Press “Search


  • Find and Replace in Languages
  1. Search in Language: Choose the language you want to replace text in.
  2. Search for Text: Search for the text you want to replace.
  3. Replace with Text: The new phrase to replace the search results.

Then press “Replace


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