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Website name and URLs

To view the 'Website name and URLs settings':                       

1. Sign in to the Administration Control Panel.
2. Choose 'Dimofinf settings' from the 'Settings' menu, then, choose 'Website name and URLs settings'.

The following settings options will appear to you:

 Website name: your website name which will appear at the top of all webpages for all visitors.

 Dimofinf URL: your website domain URL which the program was licensed to; it must have '/' at the end.

 Temporary files folder: it is a temporary files folder within the website and can later be used for collective importing for the different modules. Its permissions must be set to 777.

 Website domain: your website domain; for example ''. This field must be filled. 

 Script name for Dimofinf CMS homepage: this option allows you to change the name of the homepage file name which is set by default to 'index'; 'index.php'. If you want to change the name of this file to 'dimofinf' or any other name of your choice, you will need to do that manually by changing the script name for Dimofinf CMS homepage PHP file name accordingly.

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