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Downloading and Importing Languages

You can download the language file or import new language file from the control panel, follow the path:

Languages > Downloading/Importing Languages

  • Downloading Language File

Fill out the form with suitable data as follows:

  1. Languages: Choose the name of the added language.
  2. Product: Choose the module you want to download its language, you can choose the language of Dimofinf as a whole, or you can choose only the language of one of its modules for example: Downloads
  3. File Name: The name of the language file to be downloaded.
  4. Include Custom Phrases: Choose “Yes” if there are custom phrases was added to the language and you want to include it in the file.
  5. Just Fetch Phrases: Choosing “Yes” will not import the language settings.


  • Import Language XML File
  1. Either upload the XML file from your computer.
  2. Or import the XML file from your server by ftp to the path install/xml

Note: Type the full path with the file name

For example: install/xml/dimofinf-language.xml

  1. Overwrite Language

You can choose the language from this option, note that choosing the language from here will overwrite the language by the new language file, leave it blank to create new language.

  1. Title of Imported Language

You can choose the name of the imported language, if you left it empty it will get the name from the name of the language file.

  1. Ignore Language Version

In case you choose "Yes" the program will import the language even if it was created by a different version of Dimofinf CMS


  • Setting a Default Language

To set English language as the default language for Dimofinf CMS follow the path:

Modules Settings > Dimofinf Settings > Style, Language and Modules

In Default Dimofinf language field

Choose “English” then press “Edit Settings


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