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Rocket Loader without CloudFlare and after enabling CloudFlare

What is Rocket Loader Feature?

Before talking about Rocket Loader feature let us understand why a lot of sites are slow, is it a problem in hosting? Or something else!

Most of the sites are slow due to bad programming, were a lot processes done to display certain element in the page, besides not using opcode cache (in Dimofinf opcode cache enabled by default), even when the programming is good we see the designer uses a lot of pictures here and there also a lot of  JavaScript and CSS codes. Not only this we also see many sites administrators use a lot of external links such as a lot of banners (more than 3 in single page) and bookmarking links  to social websites at the beginning of the news and also at its end, and so on…, all these leads to a slow website. Hosting today usually is not the source of slowness, especially in Dimofinf were we provided a lot of solutions to avoid the hosting from being the source of slowness, and now no specific website can cause the slowness of the whole server.

What Rocket Loader offers to speed the site?

Rocket Loader do a lot of improvements to your site pages, like merging JavaScript files if they were more than one file (which usually the case) into single file for faster loading and decreasing the number of connections to the server, redistribute the page contents to first send the texts and CSS so the page is displayed with its main content then requests and display the secondary contents like banners, and bookmarking buttons and others. For details please continue reading.

Decreasing the connections (Requests) to the site

JavaScript files are merged in only one connection to decrease the number of connections sent to the server, for example if you have 10 JavaScript files to be loaded with every browsing you will have only one file and it will be loaded through only one connection, this saves a lot of time and helps to speed the browsing.

Asynchronous loading of the site contents

Usually most of the sites have a bit of slowness due to the wrong usage of banners and JavaScript codes and linking to external websites features such as bookmarking links to social websites especially the ones that show the number of members that liked or shared the link.

With CloudFlare the page is analyzed and its contents sorted such that the site is displayed with its main components such as texts and images then the secondary contents are requested and displayed such as sharing buttons with social websites and/or banners and others. So the page is not delayed by a banner or a slow JavaScript code … etc. (View the above video)

Compressing the content GZIP

The data is sent to the visitor compressed through GZIP for faster loading and so faster browsing. GZIP feature compress the data of type HTML, TEXT, CSS and JavaScript

Improve browsers cache

Usually all today browsers contains a cache for storing static files or according to what is written in the header file, this is done automatically. CloudFlare modifies the cache instructions and expiry of some files especially the static ones so the browser can store it in a smarter way.

Improve mobile browsing

Today mobile browsing became an important thing for all websites especially for news sites, social sites in addition to blogs, however we still see most websites is slow when browsed by mobile for many reasons such as the design and others. CloudFlare helps your site for faster and better browsing by mobile, it gets the mobile information such as the mobile type, the screen size and the browser and accordingly it sorts the data while sending it to the mobile’s browser for faster browsing.

How it is activated?

All the features that Rocket Loader provides to your site does not need any programming modifications for your site, all things is done on-the-fly all what you have to do is activating the feature, note that it is activaed by default.

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