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Disable/Cancel the CloudFlare Service

Disable the CloudFlare Service

You can disable the service and redirect all the traffic to Dimofinf servers, as we have done in “Development Mode”, but here whenever you disable the service it will not be auto enabled as in the “Development Mode”, you need to enable it manually, you can disable the service on all the domains or on a single sub-domain only.

Login to the cPanel and press the “CloudFlare” icon

Press the orange cloud (which means that the service is enabled, while the gray color means it is disabled). Note that pressing the orange cloud will disable the service on all the sub-domains.

When the cloud has gray color that means the service is disabled on all the domains

To enable the service on all the domains press “Edit” then press every cloud with gray color till it turn orange.

To enable/disable the service on a single sub-domain press “Edit” then choose the required sub-domain, to enable the service the cloud should turn into orange, to disable it the cloud should turn into gray.


Completely Cancel the CloudFlare Service

To completely cancel the service and restore the direct linking to Dimofinf servers login to the cPanel and open “Advanced DNS Zone Editor

Then press “Reset Zone File

Note that this process takes about 24 hours for the DNS modifications propagation.

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