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Access to your account in

Through Dimofinf hosting control panel you can manage most CloudFlare features, but in case you want to modify more advanced feature, you will need to login to your account in

Once you activated CloudFlare service through Dimofinf hosting panel an account is auto created for you in and this account in linked to us in some way. The account is created using the email address you entered during activating the service in the cPanel.

Note:  We are working on developing and optimizing the features in Dimofinf hosting panel, and implementing all the advanced features of the CloudFlare service.

To login to your account in follow the following steps:

1. Open the link:

2. Enter the email you used during activating the service in Dimofinf hosting panel, also enter the domain you activated the service on, and press “Email me a change password code

3. Wait about a minute, and you will receive an email from contains the details for how to reset your password, and contains a link to use for resetting your password, press it.

4. Enter your new password twice, and press “Change

5. Now go to

6. Enter your new login data and you will login to your panel in

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