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Add/Edit Contents

  • To add content, follow the path:

Additional Modules > Video > List Sections

Press the “Add” icon

Fill out the form with suitable data as follows:

  1. Section: You can choose the suitable section for the video.
  2. Title: Type a name for the video.
  3. Content File: Allows you to upload the video from your machine.
  4. Content Picture: You can upload a picture for the video to be displayed with the video in the section listing.
  5. Content File Url: An alternate option for adding the video instead of uploading it from your machine.
  6. ext: The uploaded file extension, no need to add it, add the extension together with the path in the “Content File Url”.
  7. Video: An alternative option for displaying a movie from a specialized movies site, allows you to choose a site from the menu.
  8. Video code: Is the video code in the chosen site.
  9. Allow comments: You can enable or disable adding comments.
  10. Publishing date: You can set the date to publish the video in the site.


  • To edit, delete or view (the added comments/replies on) the added videos, follow the path:

Additional Modules > Video > List Sections

All the available sections will be displayed and besides each section there are 5 icons, press the “View” icon besides certain section to view all its contents, besides each one there are 4 icons which are:

  1. Delete: To permanently delete the content.
  2. Edit: To edit the details of previously added content.
  3. Comments: To view approved or unapproved comments with the ability to edit, approve or delete it.
  4. Replies: To view approved and unapproved replies to comments with the ability to edit, approve or delete it.



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