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Add/Edit Sections

The Video Library is characterized by many features, some of the most important features are:

  1. The ability to create infinite number of main sections and subsections.
  2. Full control over the way of displaying the sections and their number (in single row, in single page, in the home page, and in the left menu).
  3. The ability to have multiple pages in the video library and its internal sections.
  4. The ability to directly view the material or saving it to the visitor machine.


  • To add a new section follow the path:

Additional Modules > Video > Add Section

Fill out the form with suitable data as follows:

  1. Parent section: Allows you to set the section as a main section or a subsection (child of already available section).
  2. Title: Type a section title that suits the section content
  3. Description: Short description for the section contents, it is displayed below the section name.
  4. Picture: Upload a suitable image from your machine, it will be automatically resized to the preset dimensions that was set in the general settings.
  5. Meta Description: Type the Meta description for this section which is used by search engines to index your pages in a better way.
  6. Meta Keywords: Type the Meta keywords for this section which is used by search engines to index your pages in a better way.

Then press “Submit


  • To edit or delete a section follow the path:

Additional Modules > Video > List Sections

All the library available sections will be displayed, besides each section there are 5 icons which are:

  1. Edit: To edit the section details
  2. Delete: To permanently delete the section
  3. Add: To add a new content to the section.
  4. View: To view the section contents with the ability to edit or delete them.
  5. Collective Importing: To know how to use collective importing please review the Collective Importing knowledgebase article.



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