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Security Options

Security Options

                To access these options follow the path:

Modules Settings > Dimofinf Settings > Security Options

  • Censor Enabled

Dimofinf CMS is characterized by a word censor that allows the site manager to censor bad words from visitors’ posts, you can enable the word censor from this option.

  • Character to Replace Censored Words

This character or characters will be used to replace the censored words in case you enabled the previous option, for example: If you chose to censor a word like “Bad”, and you chose *as a replacement character wherever the word “Bad” appear in your site it will be seen as “***”

  • Censored Words

Type all the words that you want to censor in this field, don’t use comma to separate words just use space as a separator, for example: Type “stink bad clumsy” instead of “stink, bad, clumsy”, if you typed “bad” all the words that contains the string “bad” will be affected (“badboy” will appear “*** boy”) to use more advanced filtering you can censor only exact words, this can be done by using the brackets around the word, for example: Using “{bad}” means that “badboy” will appear as it is “badboy” while “bad” alone will appear “***” and so your censored words list will be “stinky {bad} clumsy

  • Blank Character Stripper

In case there are some ASCII characters you want to filter from texts/posts …etc. you can type these characters in the form of the character number in ASCII separated by spaces, you can prefix the number with “u” to indicate that it is a “Unicode” character.

Please note that: The filtered line may separate some double-byte characters for certain languages, if you are not sure of this property empty the field contents.

  • Referrer Whitelist

For security reasons, Dimofinf CMS allows only posting from within the site Dimofinf CMS is installed on, if you want to allow other domains or subdomains to post to your site type these domains one per line and in the form (note that it starts with dot)

  • Enable Banning Options

This option allows you to ban the IP of a specific machine or an email from using your site.

  • Banned IP Addresses

This is related to the previous option in case you enabled it

To ban an IP or an IP range, follow these steps:

  1. In case you typed the full IP for example: this single IP only will be banned.
  2. In case you typed part of the IP for example: 84.235.6 all IPs that start with this part will be banned from accessing your site.

Note that will still be able to access you site.

  1. You can use ‘*’ for more flexibility, for example: If you typed the IP 84.235.* you will ban multiple IPs such as,,

Note: Separate the IPs by spaces.

  • Minimum Time Between Contacts

You can set the time between successive posts from the same user, if you put 1 the visitor will not be able to send another post except after 1 minute from his/her previous post, you can disable this option by typing 0

  • Minimum Time Between Searches

You can set the minimum time in minutes between successive searches from the same visitor, type 0 to allow visitors to search as frequently as they want.

  • Enable Image verification

It is a code should be entered by the visitor to be able to reply, send message…etc., the image consists of digits and characters.

  • Image verification Font Size

You can set the font size for the verification code digits and characters.

  • Image verification Area Size

You can set the size of the verification image to large or small as you wish.

  • Image Verification Random Font

In case you enabled this option the characters and numbers will appear in random fonts that are hard to read.

  • Image Verification Random Font Size

In case you enabled this option the characters and digits will appear in random font sizes that are hard to read.

  • Image Verification Max Random Font Size

You can set the maximum random font size used in verification code.

  • Image Verification Random Slant

You can enable or disable using slant fonts for characters and digits in verification image.

  • Image Verification Random Color

In case you enabled this option, characters and digits will appear in different colors.

  • Image Verification Random Shapes

In case you enabled this option, characters and digits will appear surrounded by random shapes.

  • Image Verification Blur Image

In case you enabled this option, characters and digits will appear blurred.

  • Image Verification Number of Characters

You can set the number of symbols, maximum number is 6.

  • Image Verification Contents

You can choose whether to use only characters, only digits or both.

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