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One of the interactive sections available in Dimofinf CMS is The Banners Section, it allows the site manager to manage the advertising banners in Dimofinf CMS so easily and with advanced options that save him/her the hustle of monitoring the advertisements periods, since Dimofinf CMS banners system auto hide the advertisement once its period ended.

  • To add a banner, from the control menu follow the path:


Banners > Add


Fill out the form with suitable data as follows:


  1. Advertiser: The name of the banner.
  2. Link: The destination of the banner, which is the target site when the banner clicked.
  3. File: Allows you to upload the banner image or flash file from your machine.
  4. Content File Url: Allows importing the banner image or flash file from an external site instead from your machine.
  5. HTML CODE: This allows you to include HTML code to display its contents instead of the image or flash file, it can also include JavaScript code.
  6. Label: It will be displayed when the mouse moves over the banner.
  7. Width: The banner width measured in pixels.
  8. Height: The banner height measured in pixels.
  9. Start Date & End Date: To set the banner display period, the banner will be displayed according to the set date and time.
  10. Is it a Flash Banner? : Choose “Yes” if the file has SWF extension.
  11. Order: Banners take ascending serial numbers when added.
  12. Banner Position: You can choose where to display the banner from the drop down menu.


  • To edit the banners follow the path:


Banners > List


The available banners will be displayed and besides each banner there are 2 icons which are:


  1. Edit: To edit the banner details
  2. Delete: To permanently delete the banner

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