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One of the available interactive sections in Dimofinf CMS is The Polls Section, it allows the site manager to interact with the visitors, to add a poll about any subject, and to know their opinions about it, it is an advanced system and provides the site manager with many options, also it saves all previous polls allowing the visitors to view it at any time.

  • To add a new poll, from Dimofinf CMS control panel follow the path:

Polls > Add

Fill out the form with suitable data as follows:

  1. Question: Choose the poll question for example: Who you think will win 2010 world cup?
  2. Choices: The choices the visitor will choose among, you have to add at least one choice, to add more choices press “More
  3. Start Date: The date the poll will start displaying automatically.
  4. End Date: The date the poll will end automatically.
  5. Allow Multiple Choices: You can enable or disable allowing the visitor to choose more than one choice.

Note: The date is the controller for enabling and disabling the poll.

  • To edit or delete  polls follow the path:

Polls > List

All the polls that were previously added will be displayed, besides each one there are 2 icons which are:

  1. Edit: To edit the poll data.
  2. Delete: To permanently delete the poll.


The poll will be displayed in the site home page, and once a visitor adds his/her choice the result of the poll till this point in time will be displayed, also the visitor can press the link ‘Previous Polls’ located in the poll block to view all the previous polls and their details.

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