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Compatibility Test

Compatibility Test

  • You can test the compatibility of your hosting with Dimofinf CMS, or troubleshoot any problem in Dimofinf CMS in your site using the following file and at any time.

After downloading the file to your machine, unzip it, you will find a file named “dimtest.php”, upload this file to the directory “public_html” by ftp in binary format

After that explore the file using your browser, the file link should be:

Replace with your server domain

  • This file will instantly show you the results and direct you to what should be done to avoid any problem in Dimofinf CMS in your site.
  • In case you have any sudden malfunction in Dimofinf CMS use the test file to make sure that this malfunction is not related to Dimofinf CMS requirements in your server.

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