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Does CloudFlare impact Google AdSense?(Views: 8398)

No, since CloudFlare service does not change the external links which are not hosted on Dimofinf...

Does CloudFlare support non-latin (IDN) domains?(Views: 7063)

Yes, CloudFlare service fully supports non-Latin (IDN) domains such as Arabic domains without any...

Does Dimofinf provide technical support for CloudFlare service?(Views: 6765)

Yes, Dimofinf provides full technical support for CloudFlare service if you are one of our...

Does Dimofinf support mod_cloudflare?(Views: 5793)

Yes, Dimofinf supports mod_cloudflare module by default on all unlimited shared hosting service...

How to exclude individual JavaScript file from optimization by Rocket Loader?(Views: 6148)

If you want to exclude certain file from being auto optimized by Rocket Loader feature you can...