Backup Service

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Backup service FAQs

Using "Shopping Cart" Or Submit a new ticket to Customer services department to do this for you.

Once we receive your order and your ticket which contain deposit details , we will search for your money transication in our back accounts depends on your deposit details which have been sent from you in Application form. One we get the payment you will be replied by our representatives in the same ticket and continuing implementations of you order until it is completed.
So ,Please always follow-up your e-mail to reply tickets when it is updated by our staff in order not to delay the implementation of your order.

The speed of order implementation is depending on the payment method , International transfer are taking longer than internal transfer , Also it is depends on our order queue. Dimofinf Backup service orders are implemented through an organized table. The order is queued once it reach implementations department and not before this.
And Usually order implementations is delayed in rare cases because of non-response from the client through the ticket link which are displayed in his our e-messages, Or Lack of Dimofinf Backup service requirements on the hosting servers and so on .

First,Be sure of the compatibility of your server with the service. - Before order ( We can help you to determine Compatibility or not ) So please check our Customer Services department and provide them with the server login info.

We are sorry we can not provide this service experimentally.

Dimofinf Backup service provide all service features for individuals with a competitive prices to the global market. And there is a technincal support for this service as wll. And it helps them to easily adapt service without problems.

Dimofinf Backup service is the best solution for who has a little number of servers. In the same time they searchin for excellent service with a high qualitly.

Backup plans , Backup servers

Before determining which plans are suitable for you. It's prefer to review this instruction accurately to make sure does this service suites you or not.

1- Network stability :
The server or the machine which Wants to secure a copy must has Static IP . And is working on high speed and stable network .

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2 - Determining Operation System :
See OS department in features page. If your OS is Compatible with the supported Operatig Systems, It is meaning you can install client program on your server.

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3 - Because of Dimofinf Backup service is Bare-metal backup , It means that determine which partitions you want to perform backup for :
For example :
- In Microsoft Windows OS we determine partitions ( C , D , M ) and so on ..
All of this are depending on your needs. Determine your self which are the important data you want to perform a backup for.

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4 - Be sure Hard disks partitioning :
In linux system it's must to make sure that file system is similar to the following :
ext2, ext3, ext4, reiserfs, Linux Swap , And the partition must not be on the root hard disk . Example :
In this case ,Dimofinf Backup service will not be able to perform a backup for this partition. Because the partition will be considered as Hard disk and it will read only the partition table for the Hard disk.

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5 - Calculate the total partition usage which will be backed up :
Now, Calculate the total partition usage which will be backed up . Example :

/home = 20GB
/var/lib/mysql = 10GB
/backup = 50 GB

Total usage here is : 80GB , Adding to this 10GB as minimum reserved .
Total usage will be 90GB , And here you will need space 90GB.

The reserved space are calculated as :
The speed of your data growing.. You can use the previous way to calculate the total usage.

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6 - Choose the suitable plan :
After we calculate the total usage as explained in previous step . You are now able to choose the best plans which are suits you from plans offers list. After that you can order and enjoy the service.

No, In the meaning time we are only support Window and Linux . According to the mentioned releases in features list.

It depends on the amount bandwidth consumed in the first time , But in subsequent entries the data changes will be only backed up , And it saves perfectly bandwidth Consumption.

No, He can not reach Dimofinf Backup service backup only through your Dimofinf Backup service login details. Even if he took it , He will not be able to remove backups In case of backup server hacking it self , Hacker can not reach or remove any data from your server.

No, Especially in incremental backup. But in case of compressed backup "Might" get load when choosing very strong compressing stage ( Stronger than your server processor capacity ).

Sure, You can exclude files and folders from every recovery point using File Excludes feature.

Yes. It is the exactly the same information ( Username and Password ). Even in case of changing login info through control panel ( Example : cPanel ). You needn't to change any thing. It will be sign in with the new login info.

Installing , Uninstalling client software, Configuring server to compatible with client software if it is possible.
Linking the server and determine the required partitions and other configuration.
Help client to restore backup in urgent cases.
Updating client software and what followed during subscription period. ( May require server login info ).
Providing suggestions and instructions to ensure the best possible use. Dimofinf Technical support doesn't include any thing outsite Dimofinf Backup service.

Yes. And it is provided for free with all features to Dimofinf shared hosting customers.

No. Dimofinf Backup service is working only on server not on personal accounts.

Backup is working on two parts :

1. Every 24hour website file contents are backed up.
2. Every 1hour website databases ( as files ) are backed up.

Note : Previous day backup are saved and so on .

Free, We provide this service for free to our shared hosting customers.