Dimofinf CMS Packages

Dimofinf CMS Packages to build websites that include offers such as a full website, hosting, domain, templates and Dimofinf CMS content management system that will help you set up your website easily with the best Arabic Content Management Scripts that includes many advantages to make it easier for webmasters to manage their websites.


Dimofinf CMS Packages

We are pleases in Dimofinf to provide our special offers for our valued customers, And we are always try to make our offers include all our services in order for every body to get benifit. Through this page you can review all our current special offers. As a new special offers will be continuously provided and will be announced in our homepage. So that our valued customers get notified for this offers in easy way and always follow our updates.

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Dim-Normal Plus










A domain from your choose
with one of extensions : com ,
net , biz /3 years

Hosting Plan /3 years

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

DimofinfCMS License - Owned

Installing DimofinfCMS

Installing Arabic Language to DimofinfCMS

Typing your website name on default style logo

Cache system for better performance

Daily,weekly and monthly backup

Hosting technical support 24/7

DimofinfCMS One Month Support

Dimofinf Security System

Installing Dimofinf blocks

[ 35 blocks ]

Installing Dimofinf complementary blocks

[ 193 blocks ]

Installing wysiwygpro editor

Installing different styles

1 2 4 6

Subscribing advanced remove backup service

[ DimofinfBS ]

$13.33 $13.33 $13.33 $13.33 $13.33 $13.33

Price before discount

$308.66 $342.18 $422.18 $515.52 $622.18 $675.52

Discount number

$39.82 $52.43 $94.53 $158.17 $200.72 $245.08

Price after discount

$268.84 $289.75 $327.65 $357.35 $421.46 $430.44
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Domain 3 years renewal price

$33.48 $33.48 $33.48 $33.48 $33.48 $33.48

Hosting 3 years renewal price

$162.00 $162.00 $162.00 $162.00 $162.00 $162.00

DimofinfCMS updated licenses renewal price

( optional )

$53.33 $53.33 $53.33 $53.33 $53.33 $53.33

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